About Our Consultants

TPM Consultants is a leader in predictive maintenance services. Our customers represent such industries as automotive, paper & pulp, auto suppliers, steel, and various others. We have state of the art equipment and the latest in software technology. Our company has years of experience and employs the latest predictive maintenance technologies. TPM's services include vibration analysis, oil analysis, on site oil filtration, infrared thermography, electrical motor testing, laser alignment, and balancing. We also provide preventative maintenance services on dynamometers, dc motors, and generators. TPM is located in Brighton, Michigan.

Mission Statement
The mission of TPM is to create value for its customers, owners, and employees as a predictive maintenance provider.

Proud Members of:
Vibration Institute Eastern Michigan Chapter

Our Consultants



Dave Cary (Field Engineer):

Responsible for Analyzing and Report functions at TPM

Certified Vibration Analyst Category III with the Vibration Institute

Certified Level I Infrared Analyst with the Academy of Infrared Thermography


Greg Bird (Field Engineer):

MBA Degree Walsh College

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Central Michigan University

Certified Oil Monitoring Analyst Level I

Certified Vibration Analyst Category II from Vibration Institute




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